Anarchy is a cherished game that was very popular in the Vaktovian Army Corps but is not played much anymore due to the style of trainings that the Ascension Core has to offer. The inventor of this was Codruler, who was Captain at the time of it's creation.

How It's Played

Much like the name implies, the game is complete anarchy and chaos as all weapons are generally allowed and there are very few rules. The game is basically a Hunger Games-styled death match. Everyone is thrown into an arena and the goal is to be the last standing.

You are allowed to make alliances in the game, but you are also allowed to betray your alliance, so most people only went with friends or people they trusted. If your alliance is last standing, then your alliance would win, rather than being forced to kill all your teammates.

Common Tactics

  • Most people went with alliances, as previously stated. It is uncommon, but not unheard of, for players to win who are by themselves, however.
  • Some thought it was best to stay low and hide until it was just a few groups and catch them by surprise.
  • Allying trusted, skilled players was obviously logical and was used a lot.
  • Staying in a group. This is said a lot, but vital to winning almost anything.
  • Sad to say, but betrayal was one of the most common tactics. Waiting until your alliance is the last group alive, then swording all your teammates - Effective, but not very nice