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This is General Anakin_Skywalker, preferably known as Kaylow Alcatraz. He was the former High Council member of the Alcatraz family. His skills are excellent when it comes to sword fighting and gunfighting.

He served as Head Royal Guard of the Emperor, Creative Director of the Evolution Initiative, as well as Overseer of the Vaktovian Commandos.

Compared to his peers, he was known for being fun, however, understood when a situation would get out-of-hand. Either way, he enjoyed a good joke.

General Kaylow is a hard worker, one who never gives up, even on his skills of swords and guns. Major General Kaylow also trains people privately, for those who could use a good boost in sword fighting.

General Kaylow's history in VAK all began in July 2010, he was a Vortex Security Captain during the time of Justgoaway1 when Vaktovia was at war with Vaktovia. One day Anakin was exiled from VS, and tried out the Vaktovian Empire Cadets, during the time of General Korvak as the AC of the Cadets system, and was later on accepted into the Cadets by General DevilishPyro. Within a month, he was accepted into VAK, and started as a Corporal. For more info on Major General Anakin's history:

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"My loyalty lies to the people who have contributed to making Vaktovia a second home" - Kaylow Alcatraz