Alquir, (Previous name being pinsir1) , is a loyal VACCINE currently at Stage 4. He had become interested in Vaktovia near his ROBLOX Account birthdate, so sometime around 2011. He had bought the Vaktovian Army Corps Uniform in hopes of becoming a Vaktovian. He tried, but he gave up and decided to spend a few years Sword Dueling.

In 2012, Alquir quit ROBLOX for over a year, worrying about his personal life. At the start of 2014, he came back to ROBLOX  and decided to set his goals upon Vaktovia again, when he learned he needed to be fluent in Gun Dueling. He tried and tried again, and he gave up on gun dueling. He went on to complete the VAC Entrance Course. After that, he sent in his application and was later accepted by xerland2.

About two weeks after he became a S5, he was demoted for leaking a shout to VOID, two days later, he was re-promoted and his mentor was assigned, who is currently xerland2.

After another three months as a Stage 5, he failed his first examination against ttom25rocks 0-10. A week later, he failed again, this time 2-10. Another week later, he failed 0-10 again, before being demoted back to Stage 4 for reteaching solely in combat.


Alquir mainly focuses on the rules and laws of VAC and VAK, and trying to help the other VACCINES. He tries his best to assist those in need, such as the new Stage 1's in VAC. He can be kind, but if he feels more in a silent, stiff mood, he'll act that way. He doesn't want anything to do with superclans or anyone in it, or with any small war clans full of new people.


Alquir mainly focuses on his Sword fighting, and preferably uses a VC-32, a sniper rifle, like his good friend RockNova. 


"We all have tasted failure, we don't like it, but we continue. No one is perfect."

"You can always do better. It is never good enough, push yourself beyond the limit."

"Glory to our savior, our existence, our freedom, Vaktovia! We have gone through this together as comrades! So not only Glory to Vaktovia! Glory to the VAC, VAK, and all of the things that make us Vaktovians!"