Name: AdmiralBelt

Rank: Sergeant

Division: Military Police (Mafiaman98)


Serving since the time when the Empire only had the Recruitment Centre, Desert Outpost, and then the original Swampy Moon Outpost, AdmiralBelt (Tyber Zann), fought against FEAR, RAT, RDA, JFO, the ISA (Dologan/DevilishPyro), and many other miscreants.

Serving initially as the Right Hand Man of Captain, then Colonel Shadowstrike, AdmiralBelt was known to be willing to execute fellow Vaktovians without hesitation or remorse- understanding that all Authority fell from below and that Duty, Obedience, and Loyalty- were the true trademarks of a Vaktovian. He then survived an RDA assault from Roony, holding the gate against all-odds which got him promoted to Corporal, from there, as an NCO, he trained and raided constantly, including a successful raid on the Mobile Bloxxers original capital- utilizing an Alt in order to give a small raid force the ability to go inside. Corporal Belt was promoted to Sergeant soon after. During this time he served with Colonel Radec (Ceasar, as part of his elite squad that was not comprised of members of the Autarch's Guard/Visari's Hounds)

for his harsh methods, and unwavering loyalty- he was selected to serve as a Paladin within the Military Police, under Mafiaman98, where he would later retire after a bungled operation attempting to gain a foothold with Vaktovian Sympathizers within RAT.

AdmiralBelt served from 2010~2013