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The Killzone ATAC, which the ATAC is based upon.

The ATAC on Roblox.

The ATAC is a drone aircraft found at SMO. It can only be used by Vaktovian Empire members. The ATAC is located in the secondary tower next to the main building. To access it, Vaktovians must cross a walkway located on the second floor of the main building. They must then take the first right, going around the corner and up the truss, then following the corridor to the control room.

Due to it causing considerable lag, the use of the ATAC was restricted to only when extremely necessary. More than once were disobedient Vaktovians killed due to refusing to remove their ATAC from operation.


The ATAC comes equipped with a rapid-fire machine gun, as well as high-explosive rockets. The combination of both gives devastating destructive output.


The ATAC was decomissioned and subsequently removed from SMO due it causing severe lag, and also giving an unfair advantage to the defenders team.