888min3 Captain look

888min3s captain look

888min3, or know as Intrax Myani, has been serving the empire since February 22nd 2014. He is currently a Captain of the Vaktovian Empire.

His previous account was deleted due to violation of ROBLOX's terms of service.

888min3's orgins come from being a JC Major, and Imperial Guard 3rd regiment sergeant until he resigned on his 17th birthday to persue his goal to be a Vaktovian.

888min3 was apart of the following wars:RAT v VAK(2014), VAK v NFC, VAK v TAER, VAK v WIJ, VAK v VOID, VAK vs UAF.

His military promotions and records:

Accepted into VAC: 02/22/14

Achieved stage 2 03/03/14

Achieved stage 3 03/11/14

Achieved stage 4 03/22/14

Achieved stage 5 04/06/14- [TGI war conclusion ceremony]

Ascended into the empire 05/03/14

Achieved Private First Class 06/13/14

Achieved Corporal 11/22/14

Achieved Sergeant 12/15/14

Achieved Lieutenant 05/05/15

Achieved Captain 06/09/15